Where is the data stored?

Amazon Web Services (‘AWS’) is used to store the data. 

Reporters will have access to the data they have submitted within the App. 

Storage of the personal data: 

- #NotMe 

- AWS 

- Backups 

Users/Reporters will always have access to their own data. Otherwise, access is limited and only provided to a few, essential and vetted #NotMe employees. 

All #NotMe data is hosted in data centers maintained by industry-leading cloud platform, AWSs. All data handled by #NotMe, its employees and sub-processors will be kept within Europe (for our EU clients) at all times and in the US for our clients in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and APAC. Backups will be stored exclusively in Europe in AWS for our clients with EU operations and in the US for others. 

The app uses the device's local storage to keep data necessary for the performance of the app such as authentication data. 

Information submitted by the user to #NotMe is stored in resilient databases on AWS. Our databases are firewalled, communicate through SSL and are fully encrypted at rest. Backups are also fully encrypted and stored in a secure and private environment.