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What kind of impact can I expect #NotMe to have on my organization?

Right out of the gate - simply by implementing #NotMe - you’ve replaced lip service with action that shows you want to hear from your employees/attendees by making it as easy as possible for them to speak up.

This sends a strong message and begins to (re)build trust. How well you then address the issues and concerns they bring to your attention when they report determines the rest.   

If your team listens, shows empathy and respect, and follows up in a timely manner, you’ll win the trust of your employees/attendees and #NotMe will up-level your organization’s culture in powerful ways.

In short, you should reduce:

  • Legal costs
  • Employee turnover
  • Employee absences

While increasing:

  • Employee productivity
  • Talent retention
  • Overall brand loyalty

Your conferences, schools, campuses, events or festival will be safer for all with #NotMe.